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Twitter gets animated GIFs, finally

Users will now be able to see those bouncy, jokey, looping animations on the social network's mobile and desktop platforms.

Carlton Dancing GIF from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The day has finally arrived -- Twitter announced Wednesday that it now supports animated GIFs. That means those looping, oftentimes hilarious, animated images can be seen on the social network's desktop and iOS and Android mobile platforms.

"Starting today, you can share and view animated GIFs," Twitter wrote in a tweet on Wednesday -- which was accompanied by a GIF showing a man holding a cute fluffy dog with the caption "GIFs got me like."

While several other social networks and blogging sites, like Pinterest and Tumblr, have already added support for GIFS, both Twitter and Facebook have been slow to get on board. Facebook still refuses to allow GIFs on its site because it reportedly believes they'll uglify users' News Feeds.

On Twitter, the GIFs won't play automatically. To see the animation users will need to press a play button accompanied with the GIF or just click on the tweet.