Twitter for iPhone, Android tell you what's trending on TV

The social network assists people with finding all types of tweets, and pushes mobile users toward must-see news and entertainment.

twitter tv iphone android
Twitter for iPhone and Android tell you what the masses are watching and tweeting about. Twitter

Twitter said Tuesday that it has updated its iPhone and Android applications to help people better sift through its collection of tweets. The newly public company also threw in bonus features to give members on mobile insight into what's trending around them or on television.

On the search side of things, Twitter has added filters so that searchers can now narrow results to photos, videos, news, or just the tweets from people they follow. In addition, iPhone and Android Twitter users can switch between viewing all search results or top tweets, as they already can on desktop.

The changes turn Twitter search on smartphones into a more contextual experience where people can easily surface the types of tweets they want.

But Twitter hopes to do more than just assist people find tweets, the company also wants to push them toward content like must-see TV or nearby events. The social network has graduated two experimental trending features to the main stage of its mobile apps. Now, members on iPhone and Android will see what's trending on TV and close by in the Discover tab of the application, though the company is staying mum on the specifics behind these add-ons.

The TV trending extra, in particular, is part of Twitter's push to ingratiate itself with networks and advertisers looking to capitalize on real-time buzz.

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