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Twitter feeds for eaters and cooks

The Twitter mobile messaging service provides interesting opportunities for cooks.

Twitter Cookbook

By now you've probably heard of Twitter, the popular messaging service that lets members broadcast short messages to friends and followers. Twitter's subscription price (free) makes it a prime candidate for broadcasting more than just personal updates, and the past few months have brought two food-related Twitter feeds to our attention. The first, foodrecalls, rolls an RSS feed of FDA food recalls--along with links to complete recall details--to its followers. It's a useful way for Twitter members to stay up to date on possible dangers lurking in their refrigerators. The second, cookbook, provides basic recipes in fewer than 140 characters (Twitter's upper limit for message length). Put together by Maureen Evans, the Twitter cookbook's basic bread, risotto, jam, and pastry recipes are a haiku-like exercise in minimalism and a refreshing return to simple home cooking.

Do you know of any other food-related Twitter feeds?