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Twitter coming to Sonos

"Oh Heavens above!" I screeched in the Sonos press booth at IFA. "Are those miniature bags of Haribo Goldbären for journalists?" They were

"See you at our stand tomorrow? Have something I want to show you."

That was a message I received from Fiede Schillmoeller -- European PR for Sonos -- on Twitter, while on the site complaining about my IFA hotel. Appropriately then, what he wanted to show me was a brand new Twitter-related Sonos update.

Choosing to post a song to Twitter

By the end of the year, the company plans to roll out an update to its new CR200 controller that lets it update your Twitter status to tell your followers what you're currently listening to.

"Oh Heavens above!" I screeched to Fiede in the Sonos press booth. "Are those miniature bags of Haribo Goldbären for journalists?" There were a couple of hundred of them. Happily, he confirmed they were for our consumption.

Munching through several I cried, "Oh Heavens above! This Twitter thing, will it bombard my feed every time one of the people I follow listens to the next song on an album?"

It won't. After the update there'll be a button in the controller's Info menu that says 'Post to Twitter...' Up pops a text-entry box with the artist and track name of the song you're listening to pre-written, along with some text along the lines of "I'm listening to (whatever) on my Sonos." Then hit Post.

Posting Dream Theater to Twitter

On the one hand it seems like the biggest win of this feature is Sonos having its name tweeted a lot. It could also be really irritating for your followers. But as 90 per cent of people on Twitter are morons who don't care about spamming their followers, it'll probably be something many Sonos users end up using and appreciating.

Looking for to it or dreading it? Have your say in the comments.