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Twitter boards the dronie train with snapshot-taking drone

Twitter has unveiled a new account for a quadcopter drone taking snapshots at the Cannes Lions festival.


Twitter has launched a quadcopter at the Cannes Lions festival -- a gathering of advertising and marketing professionals -- taking Vine snapshots of guests attending the festivities.

Technically, we're not entirely sure that the videos can be counted as dronies, a portmanteau of "drone" and "selfie" created by Photojojo founder Amit Gupta, since they're not being taken by the subject of the photo (the definition of "selfie"). Nevertheless, Twitter has launched an official account for the snapshots called @dronie.

The account opened with a dronie Vine starring Sir Patrick Stewart and Twitter VP of global brand strategy Joel Lunenfeld waving at the camera as it zooms up into the sky.

Since then, the feed has been populated with images zooming away from various persons of interest. As far as marketing stunts go, it's a pretty clever one. Twitter has not stated future plans for its Vine-snapping drone, but we imagine it will be making appearances at other star-spangled events.

Although drone copters are not exactly ubiquitous -- whether the dronie will catch on, in spite of Kodak's best April Fool's Day efforts, remains to be seen.