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Digital Media

Twitter adds Deezer support for Audio Cards

Twitter's Audio Card feature shares a snippet of the song, cover art and link to stream.

Deezer, the French rival to Spotify, has teamed up with Twitter for its Audio Cards feature. That means that if you share a song through the Deezer app on Twitter, it'll look a little something like this on the timeline:

Audio Cards preview the shared song.

Screenshot/Xiomara Blanco

It's similar to the Audio Cards that appear when you share a song from Spotify, Rhapsody, Soundcloud and iTunes, displaying the cover art, 30-second audio snippet of the song and link to stream it via the respective app.

If you're unfamiliar with Deezer, that's probably because it only launched in the US this summer.

The crowded US streaming music market is currently dominated by Spotify, but Apple Music is slowly closing in on its heels. If Deezer is going to stand a chance against the two, taking over Twitter is a good way to start.