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Twitter acquires data firm Smallthought Systems

The start-up's products have already been used by Twitter internally, but now it will form the background of the corporate accounts that Twitter will use as a revenue stream.

Twitter announced Thursday that it has acquired Smallthought Systems, a data company that it has worked with in the past. Smallthought has manufactured a product called Dabble DB that Twitter had used internally, and a newer one called Trendly that parses Google Analytics data.

A price wasn't disclosed.

"They have joined our analytics team and will focus on integrating ideas from Trendly into our current tools and building innovative real-time products for our future commercial partners," the announcement blog post written by Twitter's Kevin Weil read.

That last part is crucial. Though Twitter's much-touted business model focuses on "promoted tweet" advertisements, it's still hoping to build a "dashboard" of business analytics for paid corporate clients. Trendly, and likely other work on behalf of Smallthought--whose employees will be joining Twitter--will contribute to this product.