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Twitter releases 360-degree video streaming on Periscope

Social network's latest feature comes two weeks after rival Facebook announced plans to release its own 360 videos.

Twitter is launching live 360-degree video streams on Periscope.

The social network released the feature Wednesday, with the catch being that while everyone can watch videos in 360, only a group of "select partners" -- likely celebrities and influencers -- are able to stream in 360 for now.

Here's what the first video looks like:

The launch comes more than two weeks after Twitter announced a new feature making it easier for its 317 million users to broadcast live video from its app. And rival Facebook released live video features to US users of its popular Instagram service. Facebook also announced plans to soon release a 360-degree live video feature for its 1.8 billion users.

Those using Twitter's new 360 video on smartphones can do so simply by moving their phones or tapping and scrolling around the screen to capture the full scenery.

Twitter said it will be rolling out its 360 video feature to more users in the coming weeks. Those interested can join a wait list and answer some brief questions here.