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Twitch tests improved version of Xbox One app to match PS4

It's currently in beta for Xbox Insiders.


Twitch users can use a beta version of its improved Xbox One app.

Xbox/Screenshot by CNET

A redesigned version of Twitch's Xbox One app is now available for Xbox Insiders, bringing the app closer to the PlayStation 4's version.

The new features and tweaks in this beta version of the video-streaming app include live video previews (allowing you check out live streams as you browse), improved support for past broadcasts (where you can see chat on offline videos) and improved overall stability, according to Scott, a program manager for Microsoft's console.

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It's currently limited to people in the Xbox Insider program, which allows access to the latest system updates, as well as features and games still in development, in exchange for feedback. Those enrolled can access the Twitch beta via Xbox Insider Hub.

The beta is nearly identical to the version seen on PS4, which launched in March, Engadget notes.

Neither Xbox nor Twitch immediately responded to requests for further comment.

Twitch is currently running through an epic Pokemon marathon that includes 19 seasons of the show and 16 movies.