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Twitch lets you keep the trolls out of your chat

A new moderation tool from Twitch gives streamers more control over the content in their chats.


AutoMod helps keep inappropriate content out of streamers' chats.


Social video platform Twitch is cleaning up its chats by introducing a new moderation tool called AutoMod, the company said Monday.

AutoMod will use machine learning and natural language processing to keep inappropriate content out of streamers' chats, should they chose to use the feature.

"One of the best ways we can help bring about change is to provide tools and education that empower all types of voices to be heard," said Twitch Programming Manager and Inclusivity Group Lead Anna Prosser Robinson in a statement.

AutoMod weeds out any offending content and sends it to a human moderator. Streamers can decide how strict they want the filtering to be, and the tool can even pick up on sequences of symbols -- Twitch emotes -- that could be inappropriate.

So far, AutoMod is available for English language chats, but Twitch has released a foreign language beta in certain countries, as well.