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Twitch celebrates diversity on May 26 with #TwitchUnity

The video game streaming service will hold a site-wide "holiday" focused on tolerance and celebrating our differences.


Twitch's new logo for its #TwitchUnity diversity-focused holiday.


Twitch is creating its own holiday.

The video game streaming service has designated May 26 as "TwitchUnity," a holiday to celebrate diversity. The Amazon-owned site will promote TwitchUnity streamers and launched a new emoji (of course) in honor of the upcoming day.

The lack of diversity among notable Twitch streamers is an issue it has long contended with. Twitch has been trying to address the issue, and TwitchUnity is the latest step. Twitch has also been working to make its site more inviting for those who aren't gamers. In December, the site loosened its rules to allow non-gaming video.