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Twinkling constellations light up your lap with this LED stars skirt

Grab the heavens and wear them with pride with a light-up skirt featuring over 250 sparkling LED stars.

Put some sparkle in your step.


Astronomy is always in fashion, but it can be a little challenging to find stylish clothes that also convey your love for all things space. ThinkGeek's Twinkling Stars Skirt combines wearable LED technology with an accurate star chart to make you the belle of the celestial ball.

At first glance, you see a blue skirt full of twinkling constellations. Look a little deeper and you see the details in the construction. The midi-length skirt is made up of three layers: a white liner, a gauze layer and a see-through constellation layer. The 250 LED lights are attached to three strands of wire. The skirt runs $59.99 (AU$80).

This isn't the sort of skirt you get and immediately throw on for a night outside with your telescope. Assembly is required. The gauze layer includes 30 elastic snap tabs where the battery-powered lights are attached. There's a built-in pocket to hold the battery pack. ThinkGeek posted an assembly video to help you out.

"So sorry I'm late! I had to assemble my wearable glowing star chart." That may be the best excuse you'll ever have for being tardy to an event.