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Twin Turbo 4.0 driver problems

Twin Turbo 4.0 driver problems

Several readers report that the newly released 4.0 driver for IMS's Twin Turbo 128 card seems to cause as many problems as it fixes.

Jeff Keller (of PowerWatch, where the Twin Turbo software update is mirrored) writes: The IMS Twin Turbo driver 4.0 is incompatible with the new screen capture features in 7.6 and above. Many others have had problems with Finder graphics (missing letters on files, etc.). Switching back to v.3.8 solves the problems."

Robert M. Hall writes: "Certain PICT resources in applications were being drawn strangely, especially in Spider Island Software's TeleFinder Client. Also, Timbukto Pro would not draw screens properly when doing remote control or observe."

Cary Blanco reports "major re-draw problems in Quark Xpress."

Jean-Luc Warin described a problem with using pop-up menus in MYOB with 4.0 driver installed; reverting to 3.8 fixed the problem.

On a possible related note, IMS's web site indicates that you should still use version 3.8 if you have two Twin Turbo cards installed. Both 3.8 and 4.0 are now posted on the web page.