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Watch Kyle MacLachlan make a damn good cup of coffee

Agent Cooper from "Twin Peaks" reveals his personal recipe for brewing up a fine cup of hot coffee.

FBI agent Dale Cooper will return to the world of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" when season 3 debuts on Showtime on May 21. You now have some help prepping for your "Twin Peaks" premiere party with actor Kyle MacLachlan's step-by-step guide for making a Cooper-approved damn good cup of coffee.

MacLachlan filmed the video, which was released on Wednesday, for food site Tasting Table. The actor uses 85 grams of coarsely ground super-dark-roast coffee in a French press and adds the hot water. MacLachlan uses his iPhone's Siri function to set a timer for four minutes. Next comes the big plunge, the pour and the tasting.

MacLachlan drops one of Cooper's most famous lines: "Damn good coffee ... and hot."

The Tasting Table footage is a great companion piece for Showtime's compilation video showing an endless string of coffee references from the original "Twin Peaks." Now all you need is a good recipe for cherry pie and you'll be well on your way to being the "Twin Peaks" viewing party hostess with the mostess.