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'Twin Peaks' composer plays haunting theme in new teaser trailer

Watch Angelo Badalamenti play "Laura Palmer's Theme" on the piano while floating through a forest in this teaser trailer for the new "Twin Peaks" revival series on Showtime.

When you hear the song "Laura Palmer's Theme" from "Twin Peaks," does the image of Laura wrapped in plastic come to mind? Or do you think of Laura's smiling face in her homecoming queen portrait? Or maybe this whole "Twin Peaks" thing is new to you and you're thinking, "What is this crazy TV show?"

Soon diehard "Twin Peaks" fans plus a new generation of viewers, will be transported back to the David Lynch and Mark Frost's weird world of murder, paranormal places and really great coffee, when the series returns to Showtime in 2017. (Disclosure: Showtime is owned by CBS, which is also the parent company CNET.)

For now, fans will have to be content with this teaser trailer posted on YouTube Friday of "Twin Peaks" music composer Angelo Badalamenti playing the eerily beautiful song "Laura Palmer's Theme" from the original show that aired from 1990 to 1991.

The video shows Badalamenti passionately playing the piano as he floats through the Washington state forest where the original story took place. And for good measure, Laura's happy face floats in the background, making this just as weird as the series itself.

The new Showtime revival series, which airs in 2017, will include 18 episodes written by Lynch and Frost, and directed by Lynch. Badalamenti will also return as the show's music composer. The new series will also feature many of the original series characters, as well as some surprise celebrity cameos.