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Tweets by Liz: Queen pictured at iPad tweeting birthday thanks

The Queen's second tweet is not terribly profound, but it is very polite. We would expect nothing less.

The Queen appears to favor a one-fingered typing technique and an iPad.


British monarch Queen Elizabeth II looks to be on the verge of a dangerous social media addiction after posting her second tweet in two years on Tuesday.

"I am most grateful for the many digital messages of goodwill I have received and would like to thank you all for your kindness. Elizabeth R," tweeted the Queen, thanking the world in the rather formal style for which she is known for the birthday wishes she received earlier this month. Lady's got manners, after all.

It was not the Queen's actual birthday, of course, but her official birthday. She turned 90 in April, but there's no point in being Queen if you only get one birthday every year.

The Queen first tweeted in October 2014 from the Science Museum in London to launch its exhibition on the Information Age. It is not known whether Her Majesty has used the internet in the interim.

Following up on the @RoyalFamily Twitter account, the Queen's social media staff were keen to reassure Twitter users not once but twice that the tweet was really sent by the monarch herself. They even tweeted a photo of her seated with an iPad as confirmation -- but as anyone who has been following the current Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston saga knows, pictures don't always mean proof.

Meanwhile, popular parody account @Queen_UK has been tweeting frequently and humorously about the upcoming EU referendum this week, offering to replace the vote with a David Cameron versus Boris Johnson event in the style of "The Hunger Games."

If you want more frequent updates from Liz, this is the account to follow. If you're prepared to wait it out for another year and a half for the Queen to tweet again for real, we suppose you'd better stick with the official one.