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TweetDeck deal brings a Sherlock Holmes look

Popular Twitter-user interface promotes Warner Bros.' new movie with a themed version of its software. Also in the works: deals with record labels and bands.

TweetDeck gets promotional with a Sherlock Holmes movie theme.
TweetDeck gets promotional with a Sherlock Holmes movie theme. Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

In a sign that both the movie industry and the Twitter industry are adapting to the times, TweetDeck released a promotional version of its Twitter-user software that sports a look and function tied to Warner Bros.' Sherlock Holmes movie and related 221B video game.

The Sherlock Holmes promotional version is called TweetDeck Telegram Co. and sports black-and-white icons and a couple period touches that try, but don't really succeed, to make you think you're in the 19th century. It also adds a new column for 221B-related tweets that tie into the online video game.

"Alongside the development of our core products we've also been partnering up with a select group of bands, record labels, movie studios, and media companies to develop themed TweetDecks," said TweetDeck founder and Chief Executive Iain Dodsworth in a blog post Monday. "These special TweetDecks not only offer a potentially radical look and feel but also a dedicated channel straight to the artist or movie alongside the usual TweetDeck columns."

These special TweetDecks are a nice idea, especially for a start-up in search of new revenue sources. But here's what I don't like: you must install a new version of the software.

Happily, Adobe Systems' AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) foundation makes this reasonably easy. But I'd much rather have a TweetDeck skin that does the trick, especially because uninstalling this to go back to regular TweetDeck is another hoop to jump through.

TweetDeck, for those unfamiliar with the software, lets you get more out of Twitter by constantly publishing tweets from those you follow, categorizing those you follow, shortening Web addresses, and automating various administrative tasks. It also can act as a front end to Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.

Twitter is a free service and TweetDeck is free software to use it. Promotional deals are one way to make money off the ecosystem. Another, apparently, are Twitter's search deals with Google and Microsoft.