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TweetDeck adds new column filters to Web, Chrome apps

The update, meant to bring the Web and Chrome apps in line with features already available on TweetDeck's AIR app, will let users set a variety of column search criteria.

Twitter released an update for TweetDeck for Web and Chrome today that will allow users to set specific filters for column searches. Twitter

Twitter said today that it has added new search filters to its TweetDeck Web and Chrome apps that let users choose precisely which words and phases they want to show or exclude in their columns.

The idea, Twitter wrote in a blog post today is that the new filters will allow users to easily "focus on a particular element of a column." That also means being able to see -- or not see -- tweets containing specific kinds of media like images and/or videos.

Users can select the drop-down menu at the top of a column to show all tweets, or to limit the column to displaying tweets with embedded images, tweets with videos, tweets with either images or video, or tweets containing links.

There's also the ability to set matching criteria so that only tweets containing a specified word or phrase show up. Similarly, users can exclude tweets with such words or phrases. And, they can also decide whether they want to see retweets.

Twitter said the update was meant to bring the TweetDeck Web and Chrome apps in line with features already available for its Adobe AIR app.