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Tweet in Morse code with Tworse Key

A brilliant hack lets you post to Twitter using Morse code. Learn how to make your own tweeting telegraph key here.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Cha/CNET

With Twitter Peek getting the ax, you're probably wondering, "Now what will I use to post my tweets?" How about the Tworse Key?

Yes, forget your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The telegraph key is the wave of the future for sending tweets via Morse code. We jest, of course, but this hack is seriously one of the coolest things we've ever seen.

Tworse Key is the brainchild of Martin Kaltenbrunner, who submitted this amazing project to Hack A Day. Kaltenbrunner created the standalone device using a built-in Arduino Ethernet board and an integrated standard LAN cable (cleverly covered in cloth to give it a more old-fashioned look) to connect to the Web.

As you compose your tweets using Morse code, the Ethernet board decodes the signals and transmits your message using the Twitter API.

Kaltenbrunner created a Twitter account (@tworsekey) for the Tworse Key so you can check out some tweets composed by the device. Even better, you can build your own following these set of instructions. Now, we just need to learn Morse code.