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Tweet Hunt shooting app takes aim at Twitter

Get out your Twitter aggressions by hunting down tweets with a slingshot. Tweet Hunt is an iOS shooting gallery app that uses trending Twitter topics and celebrity tweets as targets.

Tweet Hunt Celebirdies
Tired of Charlie Sheen tweets? Take them out with your trusty slingshot. (Click to enlarge.) Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The rise of Twitter has been a revelation for some people and an annoyance for others. Now you can take out your ire at inane Twitter topics with Tweet Hunt for iPhone and iPad.

Tweet Hunt is a shooting gallery app that involves using a slingshot to aim at and bean flying birds that look like Angry Birds' cousins. Each bird represents a real tweet that someone thought was important enough to share with the world.

Tweet Hunt comes in two flavors, Classic (free) and Celebirdies (99 cents). Classic lets you blast away at trending topics like "#whyareyou" and "justin won," a reference to the Bieber's recent Teen Choice award. Topics changes as Twitter trends change.

The Tweet Hunt Celebirdies edition adds an extra layer of satisfaction when you take on famous Twitter users like Snooki and Charlie Sheen. Earning points allows you to unlock more celebrities.

There's even a cute fail whale floating around in the background. If you're skilled enough to hit it, you can do some major damage to the tweeting birds.

Tweet Hunt uses a simple gaming concept, but it's well-executed and manages to ramp up the difficulty as you make it through the levels. It should appeal to players that are bored with Angry Birds and anyone who's sick to death of all that tweeting going on.