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Tweephone makes tweeting retro-quaint

"World's first analog Twitter client" marries old rotary dial phone with social networking. It's a lot of work to send a message, and it makes for some awfully twee tweeting.

If Don Draper had tweeted, he probably would have used the Tweephone. Tweephone

At first I thought the Tweephone might be a joke, but upon second look, I see that it's just a fun little hack. A twee one, even.

The "world's first analog Twitter client" lets you tweet with the turn of a rotary phone dial. An Arduino platform inside the retro-looking phone chassis interprets your dial turns as letters in much the same way you used to have to keep punching keys on an alphanumeric dialpad to get the right letters when texting. To get an "a," for example, you have to dial 2 once; to get an "f," you dial 3 three times. Yes, yes, that's a lot of labor for 140 characters, but has tweeting ever looked so charming?

On the simpler side, you just have to hang up the phone to send your tweet. Tweets are then posted to the Tweephone's own personal Twitter account.

The Tweephone is the work of two Ukrainian digital firms, UP Digital Bureau and Unteleported, which may or not be trying to pitch their product to Sterling Cooper.

By the way, looking at this thing really makes me want to text my @angelheaded hipster friends about the 2cool new #Dylan album.

(Via Engadget)