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TV tuner or stalactite?

It can use magnets or suction cups to be fastened anywhere.


Is it stalactite or stalagmite? We never could get that straight, which is just one reason we're doing this for a living instead of making millions at an oil company. It doesn't really matter anyway, where this new TV tuner is concerned, because it can pretty much be attached to any surface--on the floor or even the ceiling, if you'd like.

The cone-shaped USB Buffalo tuner has a built-in booster and noise filter for clearer TV reception on the computer, as well as the ability to search for program information. But what makes it special in our book is the magnetic base or suction cups that can be used to make your room look like some futuristic cave if you get enough of them.

They're headed first for the Japanese market for $99, according to Fareastgizmos, but will probably make their way here too. Just be sure that they're really holding if you place them anywhere over your head.