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TV-Net convergence dominates show

As hardware makers partner for TV set-top boxes, much of the buzz at the Consumer Electronics Show is focusing on portal mergers with TV networks.

Cisco's CEO outlines his company's march into the home market, underscoring See special report: 
When worlds collide the growing convergence of networking, consumer electronics, and the Internet. As deals for new TV set-top boxes and other hardware emerge from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, talk is also focusing on Net portal mergers with broadcast networks.

Cisco speech reflects home market revolution
update CEO John Chambers outlines consumer plans in an address that would have been unthinkable for a networking firm only a few years ago.

New buzz word: "Destination" site
Portals and TV networks may be headed for a new round of mergers as a necessary phase in technological evolution, executives and analysts say.

Cisco, Hitachi to dive into set-top boxes
update The networking giant will show a sub-$500 set-top box and detail its long-awaited plans to enter the consumer market.

Cisco details its home network plans
Families will soon be able to network the home with the same Cisco Systems technology that underpins vast corporate networks.

Sony's Stringer touts "invisible" technology
update Electronics companies must cooperate much more as they work toward a networked home, says Sony's Howard Stringer, a TV veteran.

Handhelds extend reach at show
Windows CE devices in a variety of shapes and sizes are popping up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Gateway in partnership with EchoStar
The computer maker teams with EchoStar to develop a satellite receiver for Gateway's Destination XTV, which melds TV and PC features.

Microsoft, EchoStar in Net satellite deal
The duo will announce an alliance offering interactive TV via satellite, which will compete with broadband Net access and satellite TV providers.