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TV fans, name the best shows missing on Hulu

It may carry no weight with the free service, but if we work together to make a list of the shows we really want to see, maybe someone will stand up and take notice.

Hulu only offers the first three seasons of the great NBC police drama, 'Hill Street Blues.' Where are the other four seasons?

Readers, I need your help. Actually, TV fans everywhere need it.

Because Hulu is free, I've never gone to the site with the expectation of finding any specific TV show or movie that I wanted to watch. Sometimes I've been pleasantly surprised to find a gem of a show or a movie, and other times I've felt utterly disappointed by a lack of quality content. It's all depended on my mood and what kind of thing I wanted to see.

But there are some shows it seems to me are just out-and-out missing on Hulu. And the one that stands out most, to me, at least, is the great mid-1980s Steven Bochco legal drama, "L.A. Law," which starred, among others, Jimmy Smits, Corbin Bernsen, Blair Underwood, Harry Hamlin, and John Spencer.

Particularly because that eight-season masterpiece--my words, not yours--was on NBC, which is a major stakeholder in Hulu, I sort of assumed it might be tucked away in the archives somewhere. Actually, though, it's not, and it's not even available on DVD anywhere. Searching for it once, I discovered someone purporting to sell it on VHS, but that seemed like a scam, so I stayed away.

Still, after discovering the first three seasons of Bochco's genre-defining police drama, "Hill Street Blues" on Hulu, also an NBC show, I had thought perhaps "L.A. Law" might be there.

No dice.

Which got me to thinking about all the other terrific TV shows that Hulu doesn't have and that its millions of users are clamoring for.

As we type that "H" and that "U" and that "L" and that "U" and finish off with "dot-com" in our browser address bars, we, of course, have to keep in mind that Hulu can only feature content that it has rights to.

I was told by someone at Hulu that one of the major hurdles to acquiring rights includes getting streaming clearances from the rights holders. And yet, I was told, the service is aiming to meet its users' needs: to get as many TV shows and movies up on the site, and to keep them there as long as possible.

Which brings me to you: I'd like to know which TV shows--let's keep the focus there, as movies would be too cumbersome--you would like to see on Hulu that are not currently available there. Or even which seasons you'd like to see of shows that are only partially available. Like, for example, "Hill Street Blues," which is missing seasons four through seven on Hulu. How fair is it to get someone hooked with the first three seasons and then leave them hanging?

So, please think about this for a moment, and leave your suggestions in comments below. Unfortunately, this little exercise probably won't help you and I get what we want, but it would be interesting to see what people are missing out there in TV land. And after you're all done submitting your suggestions, if there's enough good stuff, I'll do a follow-up post listing some of the best ideas, and your thoughts about those shows.