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Turntable Rider turns your bike into a DJ mixer

Add some two-wheeled acrobatics to your DJ set with this kit from Cogoo.


Two years after Nike Japan turned the sneaker into a musical instrument, Japanese bike-sharing service Cogoo is doing the same with the BMX.

Turntable Rider transforms your freestyle bike into a DJ console with only a few basic add-ons.

The bike's wheels become jog wheels with sticks that attach to the rims, and a crossfader box goes on the handlebars. The brakes are sound pads. All you need is balance and a sense of rhythm.

With sounds from DJ Baku, pro BMX rider Kotaro Tanaka and colleagues rip it up in the video below, which features a Turnable Rider version of the iconic Japanese folk song "Sakura," which celebrates spring's cherry blossoms.

Interactive artist Toshiyuki Sugai put together the kit for Cogoo, which is trying to popularize bicycle sharing in Japan. While many residents of large cities don't own cars, the high rate of bicycle use has led to congested bike-parking areas around train stations. The video shows the bike being unlocked with Cogoo's app.

Turntable Rider is just a prototype now, but if Cogoo gets more than 5,900 Facebook "likes" here it'll consider mass production.

Meanwhile, Baku and Kotaro will show off the bike at the Kaikoo Popwave festival in Tokyo next week.

(Via Japan Trends)