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Filmstruck seeks to rival Netflix among film buffs

The streaming service will feature a rotating catalog of more than 1,000 films and will be filled with classics, cult hits and indie darlings.


Filmstruck's catalog will include the likes of Mel Gibson from the original 1979 "Mad Max."

American International Pictures

Just as Netflix turns more and more to TV and original content, Time Warner is stepping in with a new streaming competitor aimed specifically at film buffs. Called Filmstruck, the US-only service will launch this fall and feature classics such as "Seven Samurai," "A Hard Day's Night," "A Room with a View," "Mad Max" and "Blood Simple."

A collaboration between Time Warner subsidiary Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection, Filmstruck will feature modern movies and indie titles as well. Filmstruck "will draw from the most celebrated movie libraries in the world," Coleman Breland, president of TCM and Turner Content Distribution, said Tuesday in a statement.

No word on pricing yet. Film buffs, get your popcorn ready.