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Turn your photos into a movie

You can now make Picture Movie DVDs at your local Kodak printing kiosk.

Kodak G4 Kiosk

Now that most of us are trained to print out our own happy snaps at the many photo kiosks scattered around Australian shopping centres, it's not surprising that the technologies in those kiosks are becoming more advanced to entice us to spend more once we get there.

Kodak's new G4 Kiosks, which can be found at KMart and Kodak Express stores throughout Australia, include Picture Movie DVD capabilities that will set your images in motion to the music of your choice.

The kiosk does all the work. All you need to do is load between 40 to 60 images from a CD, USB drive or memory card, and select the song you want your movie based on from the playlist; there is a range of top-name artists and music genres to pick from. The kiosk then automatically combines the photos and music to make a movie, complete with pan and zoom effects.

A picture movie DVD costs AU$19.95. Kodak expects them to be a popular personalised gift, documenting celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and holidays. Using kiosk software, you can also design customised calendars, greeting cards and invitations.