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Turn your PC into a TiVo for $69.99

Nero's TiVo-in-a-box package provides a tuner, remote, TiVo software, and a one-year subscription to the TiVo service. (After that, $99 per year--ugh.)

This TiVo-in-a-box comes with everything you need for PC DVR goodness. Nero

It's been awhile since I've sung the praises of TV tuners, which let you watch and record shows on your PC, TiVo-style. Well, now you can get more than just the style: Nero's LiquidTV TiVo PC brings the actual TiVo software to your system.

The retail package includes the software, a TiVo remote, a USB IR receiver, a one-year subscription to the service, and a high-end USB tuner.

Originally it sold for $199.99 (way too steep, IMHO), but right now you can get the LiquidTV TiVo PC for $69.99 shipped.

The TiVo software probably needs no introduction--it's nearly identical to what you'd find on a TiVo set-top box, complete with Season Pass and KidZone features (but without extras like music and photos).

The tuner is a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950Q, a top-rated model that, purchased separately, would cost you $99.

It can pull down over-the-air digital signals (a small antenna is included, but you might need something larger), QAM channels, or analog channels. The remote is the same one that comes with the TiVo HD.

I reviewed a LiquidTV about a year ago, and while I encountered a few setup wrinkles, overall it did a fine job duplicating the TiVo experience. My only real complaint is that after the first year, a TiVo subscription will cost you $99 annually. That's cheaper than set-top box rates, but still--ouch.

CNET hasn't covered the product, but check out Maximum PC's LiquidTV review. Verdict: "Our new favorite PVR software solution for the PC."

Thanks to reader "nkeith" for sharing this deal!