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Turn your netbook into a robot with Oculus wheelie kit

If, like us, you dream of roaming the streets as a disembodied face on a screen, you'll be just as excited by the arrival of Oculus.

If you've recently taken delivery of an Asus Transformer Prime, but are the sort who craves a touch more 'Optimus', strap on the latest in netbook-pimping accessories and turn your trusty little laptop into a roaming robot.

The last word in mobile tech, the Oculus transforms any laptop smaller than 11 inches into a robot that can be driven remotely -- fittingly enough -- via an Android device, using the free software. It also works using an iPhone or iPad.

The adjustable, motorised, wheeled frame is powered entirely by your netbook's USB connection, and will typically last for up to two hours.

Using the computer's in-built mic and speakers, it opens up the possibility of two-way webcam communication with your pet guinea pig -- which is apparently how its makers Xaxxon see it being used.

Oculus and guinea pig

Alternatively, you could hold remote conversations with your smart Wi-Fi rabbit, and in so doing, help bring about the future as prophesised by Herbie Hancock in 1983, of a world full of demented robots remotely controlled by a disembodied TV head. If that's your dream -- it's definitely ours -- consider yourself one step closer to the Rapture.

Compatible with Windows and Linux, the software is open source and the microcontroller is Arduino-compatible for ultimate customisation.

If you see yourself as a would-be character in The Big Bang Theory, Springwise reports you can pre-order it from Kickstarter for $225 (£145). If the project reaches $15,000 funding, it will go on sale for a retail price of $270 (£175). Check it out in action in the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments and over on our Facebook page.