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Turn your iPod into a portable video player for $59.99 shipped

The Memorex iFlip docks and charges your 5G iPod and plays video on a 7-inch LCD. Your out-the-door price: $59.99, no rebate required.

I know, it's already a portable video player--I mean one with a bigger screen. has the Memorex iFlip on sale for $59.99 shipped, a pretty significant savings over the $199.99 list price.

Similar in design to a portable DVD player, the clamshell-style iFlip features a 7-inch widescreen LCD, stereo speakers, dual headphone jacks, and an iPod dock/charger that promises up to five hours of video playback from its rechargeable battery. It's designed for 5G iPods; I'm not sure if it'll work with 3G nanos. (Class? Anyone?)

I suspect that videos will look a little grainy and washed-out on the iFlip's 480x234-pixel screen, but it's probably better than squinting at your iPod's tiny LCD. Plus, it saves you having to hold the iPod at a comfortable viewing angle for hours at a time. I wouldn't pay $200 for one of these, but $60? I'm giving it serious thought.