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Turn your iPhone into an organ

Play the retro Stylophone music instrument on your iPhone.

Very Cool Software Company

If you're a fan of retro music instruments, I've got some good news.

The Very Cool Software Company, a U.K.-based Mac OS developer, recently announced its first iPhone application: Dubreq iStylophone.

Dubreq Stylophone is an electronic musical instrument, originally invented by Brian Jarvis in 1968 and manufactured in the U.K. by Dubreq.

The Dubreq Stylophone, also known as "the original pocket electronic organ," was sold by the millions in the early '70s and used by artists including David Bowie, Brett Domino, Erasure, Hexstatic, Krafwerk, Marilyn Manson, Orbital, Pulp, The Raconteurs, and They Might Be Giants.

Now the VDSC is bringing the Stylophone into the 21st century. You'll be able to replicate the instrument's sound as well as other features by using the phone's touch screen. The app costs $5.95 and will be available for download on December 1.