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Turn your iPhone into a Peter Frampton-style talkbox

Forget autotune, the talkbox is where it's at for making robot noises with your mouth. The Wee-Wow turns your iPhone into a talkbox, complete with tubing.

Wee-Wow for iPhone
iPhone comes alive!

Long before autotune was popularized in pop music, there was a phenomenon known as the talkbox. The talkbox helped guitar god Peter Frampton come alive. With the Wee-Wow for iPhone, you don't have to be Frampton to get the same effect with your iPhone.

A talkbox is a unit consisting of a tube that goes into an effects box. You hold the tube between your lips and shape the sound with your mouth. It gives off a strange sound that is part robot, part alien. It's pre-autotune at its finest. is raising funds on Kickstarter for its Wee-Wow, an inexpensive iPhone talkbox. It consists of a little adapter to go on the bottom of the phone and a piece of tubing to route the sound from the phone's speaker. Stick it in your mouth and you're in business, though getting the most out of a talkbox requires a little practice. You'll need to work on forming recognizable words.

The creators have made prototypes for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. You can get involved with a $25 pledge for a Wee-Wow and tubing. If you don't want to wait around, a $50 pledge will get you both an injection-molded production version and a 3D-printed version as soon as the project ends.

If you need further instruction in talkboxing, then consider the $100 pledge level, which also gets you a video chat jam session with the Wee-Wow's inventors where they'll spill the beans on how to do cool talkbox tricks.

Much as Peter Frampton was worshiped in the 1970s for his golden flowing locks, open-chested shirts, and talkbox guitar skills, so will you be worshiped for your Bieber-hair, "Star Wars" T-shirt, and talkbox iPhone skills.