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Turn your iPhone into a McIntosh

McIntosh, the high-end audio maker, is offering a free iPhone app, the AP1 Audio Player, that brings the company's signature analog blue meter to your device.

The free app won't make your music sound any better. Apple

McIntosh makes high-end, expensive audio components that most people can't afford but wish they could. Now the company is offering up something free to iPhone and iPod Touch users who want to bring a little old-school McIntosh flair to their devices: an audio player app that's skinned with the "legendary" McIntosh analog blue meter.

The app description reads:

McIntosh Labs is proud to introduce the AP1 Audio Player--the first digital product from the legendary audio experts. The AP1 offers iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners the ability to listen to and playback music from their digital mobile device within the classic McIntosh experience. Featuring the signature blue meters, the AP1 gives the user access to his or her audio library in a simple yet elegant interface inspired by the line of McIntosh audio equipment.

The app doesn't do anything terribly useful like make your music sound better--or sound like it's coming out of a tube amp. (The output meter is simply your volume level). But what do you expect for free?