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Turn your home into a laundry

A digital steam press to keep you crisp.


Ever wonder how the laundry manages to get those perfect creases in your clothes? You could iron all day and never even come close to that ultra-starched look. The reason is your equipment, in all likelihood, is inferior (no offense). Or conversely, depending on the quality of your particular laundry, maybe you're sure you can do better.

Either way, you can test your pressing prowess with a "Digital Steam Laundry Press," which Brookstone says will drastically reduce the amount of time spent getting the wrinkles out of your Members Only jackets. It's not hard to see why: The machine's surface is more than seven times larger than that of standard household irons. It also features digital controls that regulate temperature and automatically shut the press off as programmed.

Now if only we could use it to make pirate waffles as well, we'd be in hog heaven.