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Turn Sony's Reader T1 into an Android tablet

Kindle, schmindle. Get a load of this new hack that turns Sony's e-reader into a 6" monochrome Android tablet.

Android on grayscale! Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

The Sony Reader PRS-T1--a speedy e-book device with a 6-inch e-Ink screen--natively uses a heavily modified version of Android. Unfortunately, the majority of the OS is inaccessible by the user.

Make that, "was" inaccessible.

Then The Digital Reader got a hot tip about a hacked T1 running a full version of Android, courtesy of an anonymous hacker. Presto: An instant 6-inch Android tablet!

It's painfully obvious in the video that the slower refresh rate of an e-Ink screen will make most Android applications impractical, if not impossible, to use. Still, there are some advantages to the modification, which isn't yet available to the public. The hacker told The Digital Reader that several e-readers, alternative palmtops and some other apps--in particular, CoolReader, FBReader, ReLaunch, AWD.Launcher, and Android Terminal--work on the hacked Sony.

No word yet on whether the Kindle app runs on the Sony Reader.

The Nook Touch is the original joy toy for Android enthusiasts looking to hack an eBook reader, but it may have met its match. The Sony T1 has an arguably better design, speakers, more buttons, and a stylus. If the T1 Android hack goes live, it could be an interesting underground selling point for the $150 digital book reader.