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Turn Photoshop Elements into Photoshop

ElementsXXL is a plug-in that gives Photoshop Elements users a whole suite of tools normally reserved for the full version of Photoshop. The best bit? It's cheap.

ElementsXXL might not have the most tasteful name for a plug-in, but it accurately describes how it improves Photoshop Elements.

(Credit: The Plugin Site)

Many photographers use Photoshop Elements as it's an inexpensive, but cut-down alternative to the full version of Photoshop, part of Adobe's Creative Suite. This plug-in brings many of Photoshop's features to the Elements interface for users running a Windows version of the software.

Depending on the version of Elements you are currently running, the plug-in offers up to 120 new features, including actions, scripts, filters and adjustment layers. ElementsXXL also supports Smart Objects, 16-bit image processing and more masking options. A full rundown of features can be found on the website.

ElementsXXL is not suitable for every user — for example, there's no support for CMYK, video or 3D applications. If these features aren't on your wish list though, then ElementsXXL is an excellent alternative to the real deal.

To give you an idea of how much value you get for your dollar, the full version of Photoshop Elements costs AU$131.25, at the time of writing, from Adobe's website. In contrast, Photoshop CS6 is currently at AU$1062 for a full version (not part of the Creative Cloud subscription). ElementsXXL will set you back just US$50, or US$39.95 if you snap it up before 15 April.