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Turn on music by Queen, Ed Sheeran if you want to get work done

Certain artists seem to help listeners accomplish more when it comes to productivity, a survey finds.


Brian May of Queen performs with Adam Lambert in Sydney on February of last year. A survey finds Queen tops the list of music for increasing work productivity. 

Don Arnold/WireImage

Sure, you can whistle while you work, but if you want to accomplish something, listening to music might be a better option. A new survey by British employee engagement company Sodexo asked employees which music genres they listen to for productivity, and pop music was the clear favorite. 

Sixty percent of 2,000 UK employees surveyed said pop music increased their productivity at work. Rock music came in second, followed by dance music, then R&B and classical.

The survey even asked for respondents' favorite artists for productivity improvement. Their top choice? Queen, specifically the band's 1979 single Don't Stop Me Now. Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud and Mozart's Marriage of Figaro also ranked high.

The company used the survey results to put together a Productivity Playlist on Spotify, leading with Don't Stop Me Now and other Queen songs, then moving into songs by Sheeran, Mozart, Eminem, ABBA and more.