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Turn it up, Westeros! 'Game of Thrones' concert tour on the way

Just like winter, a "Game of Thrones" music tour is coming. The composer for the hit HBO series will tour with a full orchestra and choir.

Missing "Game of Thrones"? You could rewatch the previous six seasons of the HBO show, or reread the thousands of pages of George R.R. Martin's epic novels. But now there's another way to while away the time before the show returns in 2017: take in a "Game of Thrones" concert.

Ramin Djawadi, the composer for the series, will tour the US with an orchestra, choir and multimedia elements, including clips from the show, Live Nation announced on Monday.

You can check to see if your kingdom is included on the 28-city tour list. The dragons start flying on February 15 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, before moving through the Midwest and then hitting both coasts, including Canadian stops in Toronto and Vancouver. (Check the site to see when tickets for your venue go on sale -- August 10 is the official date, but there are some various presale options.)

The concert will be an "an immersive visual experience," Djawadi told Time.

"The idea behind this is to showcase how the music enhances those experiences for the audience," he said. Noting that some of the music will remind concertgoers of the equivalent scenes from the show, he also points out that this won't be like watching at home on TV.

"When you see live musicians perform music they put their own emotion into it," he said. "And you see a violinist and how their body moves. I think that's so powerful."

Sure, sure, but if you hear "The Rains of Castamere," which played during the bloody Red Wedding, you might want to start inching toward the exits.