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Turn a stick into a sword with the Nature Sabre sword creator

A humble branch becomes a mighty sword of truth with a clever silicone handle meant to spark imaginative journeys.

This stick is now a dragon-slaying sword. Monkey Business

Slaying dragons, rescuing princes and battling bridge-dwelling ogres shouldn't require a fancy armory.

Many would say childhood play works best when supplies are restricted and imagination fuels the adventures. The Nature Sabre sword creator is a minimalist toy designed to enable fantastical journeys.

The Nature Sabre is a flexible silicone handle with two holes on either end. Slip a stick up through through the holes and you have an instant sword handguard.

Industrial designer Naama Agassi created the handguard, originally called the Branch Holder. Agassi writes, "Branch Holder is a project inspired by a childhood memory. A child's imagination has the power to create so much out of so little. The holder functions as a bridge; it symbolizes a way of thinking."

Retailer and design studio Monkey Business partnered with Agassi to make the Nature Sabre available for $11 (about £7, AU$15 -- it ships internationally). It comes in red, blue or gray.

The Nature Sabre is bound to attract attention from role-playing adults as well. Just because we've grown up doesn't mean we've lost interest in exploring magical forests and adventuring through distant lands plagued by trolls. It's smart to be prepared.