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Turn a Sony NEX into a medium format camera

The RhinoCam makes any Sony NEX camera turn into a medium format beast without the expense of a traditional back.

Medium format photography has long been an inaccessible venture for many photographers because of the price. Now, it's open to just about anyone — provided you have a Sony NEX at your disposal.

Nothing like an actual rhino. (Credit: Fotodiox)

Fotodiox is a company that normally manufactures lens adapters, but its RhinoCam is no ordinary lens adapter.

It turns any Sony NEX camera into a machine capable of producing 140-megapixel photos — with a little tweaking. In essence, the RhinoCam is a very fancy camera and lens adapter that turns a Sony interchangeable lens camera (ILC) into a medium format back, using the APS-C sensor in place of a dedicated medium format one.

With a mount that accepts either a Pentax 645, Mamiya 645 or Hasselblad V lens, the RhinoCam lets the photographer compose their epic resolution shot before it gets to work. The device then moves the camera around fixed positions to obtain multiple exposures while the lens remains fixed. The resulting image can then be stitched together using a tool like Photoshop.

The 140-megapixel measurement comes from using a Sony NEX-7, which has a 24.3-megapixel sensor, though it is compatible with all the NEX cameras currently available. You don't need to worry much about distortion caused by creating regular panoramas either, as the RhinoCam is designed specifically to mitigate any such issues because the body moves, not the lens.

A RhinoCam can be all yours for US$500 from the Fotodiox website, though you might have to wait a while to place an order, as at the time of writing, the website has crashed from so much interest. BYO medium format lens, too.