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Turf's up! Guy fixing football field is Twitter's new hero

If you had majored in turf-grass management (which is a real thing), this is your Super Bowl.

Know how hard it is to do your job when someone's watching you? Multiply that times a jillion if you're the dude whose job it was to fix the turf during Saturday night's Big Ten Championship game between Wisconsin and Ohio State.

It seems that the artificial turf in the end zone at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis kind of ... erupted ... just as Wisconsin scored a fourth-quarter touchdown.

Fortunately, the field had possibly the most well-trained person in the universe on hand to fix it -- stadium field manager Erik Harlow, who spent 10 pressurized, televised minutes fixing the rip.

Turf grass science! It's really a thing

It didn't take long for the concept to grow on fans.

Laugh all you want, but Harlow got the job done. His professors should be proud.