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TuneStream adds Bluetooth to iPod, sorta

Donald Bell reviews the Scosche TuneStream Bluetooth transmitter for the Apple iPod.

Photo of Apple iPod Classic connected to Scosche TuneStream Bluetooth transmitter.
The Scosche TuneStream adds A2DP stereo Bluetooth to most recent iPods, but it has some quirks. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

When Apple was set to unveil its second-generation iPod Touch back in September, stereo Bluetooth was among the features rumored to be included. Hopefully, no one was holding their breath.

Apple may have dropped the ball on including stereo Bluetooth in its latest crop of iPods, but there are a few ways you can add Bluetooth streaming with accessories. One such accessory is the TuneStream from Scosche. It's one of the smallest Bluetooth adapters we've seen for the iPod.

The tuneStream doesn't work with every iPod, however, and when it does work it throws you a few annoying quirks. To find out if the TuneStream is right for you, read our full take over at CNET Reviews.