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TuneIn launches TuneIn Live for Web and iPad

Streaming-radio service TuneIn now offers filtered recommendations thanks to a new feature called TuneIn Live.

Pick a few interests, and let TuneIn recommend a few stations to check out. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

The increasingly popular TuneIn streaming-radio service today gets a new feature that helps users better customize their listening experience. Dubbed TuneIn Live, the feature is available now both on the TuneIn Web site and in the updated iPad app.

On TuneIn's homepage, TuneIn Live can be found via a small Edit button atop the featured-content tiles. This button lets you pick up to eight different interests -- anything from Top 40 to Hip Hop to News -- to use as filters for recommendations. Once your interests are marked, the tiles update to show only stations that you might like.

While this sort of filtering isn't exactly a groundbreaking innovation, it is certainly an important addition to an already rich service. With TuneIn Live, users get more relevant recommendations pushed in front of them, which is a lot easier than sifting through the service's more than 70,000 stations manually.

Again, TuneIn Live is available now on and in the TuneIn iPad app. According to the folks at TuneIn, the feature will be available on other mobile platforms sometime later this year.