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Tuned for the track: The 2008 Honda S2000CR

Honda unveils the 2008 Honda S2000CR at the New York auto show.

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If it's not broke, don't fix it: this is the maxim that Honda has applied to its popular S2000 roadster for the past 6 years, making minimal modifications to the high-revving two seater.

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Here at the 2007 New York auto show, however, Honda has finally given the S2000 a new "Club Racer" trim level, designed for those drivers looking for a little more juice out of their weekend convertible.

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With a drive train unchanged from that in the regular S2000, the biggest structural modification to the S2000 CR is the replacement of the S2000's cloth roof with an as-standard removable aluminum hard top; with the top off, the new car is 90 pounds lighter. The S2000CR also boasts an ostentatious rear spoiler, a new stability bar, race-tuned suspension, and a unique interior trim. Honda estimates that, with its new modifications, the S2000CR will knock 2 seconds off the standard S2000's lap time. Check our slide show to get the full scoop with images on the 2008 Honda 2000CR.