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TubeSurround Sound headphones: Wearable audio

The TubeSurround Sound headphones position six mini-speakers around your head in the form of a halo headset, providing the ultimate surround-sound listening experience

"It's a headset you wear around your head like a halo. It surrounds you with six separate mini-speakers." These were the words used to describe the TubeSurround Sound headphones to us, and they were enough to send us into paroxysms of dork delight. This trippy piece of headgear aims to provide the wearer with a six-speaker listening experience, by actually having six speakers surround your skull. Nice.

We're assuming that you're supposed to use the TubeSurround Sound headphones indoors only. Wearing something this weird outside would get you one of three things: a) funny looks, b) mugged, or c) both of the above. It wouldn't be a enjoyable experience, even if you particularly enjoyed being mugged and stared at.

Having six speakers positioned at various locations round your head while you're in a warm dark room, however, would be certainly be an interesting experience and one that could create a genuine, no-holds-barred, surround-sound listening environment.

We're hoping to get a hands-on look at this unique piece of cranium-wear soon, so do check back. In the meantime we're going to Sellotape six loudspeakers to our heads and watch The Matrix. -Nate Lanxon