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Culture fetches $1.26 million at auction

High-end domain names are still fetching high prices in live auctions, though not as much as during the Web's glory days.

A T-shirt

It didn't cost quite as much as the wallet-emptying $2.6 million that sold for back in 2008, but as of Wednesday evening, the domain has a new owner.

Among the 934 domains up for grabs at domain auction company Moniker's live auction as part of the DOMAINfest conference in New York, just 19 were sold, including, which fetched $1.265 million and included a handful of related domains like and Following that was, which sold for $255,000 and for a modest $70,000.

The auction, which was available to DOMAINfest attendees and the general public through an online viewer, had all of its sales come from those who were in attendance.

Two notables that didn't sell were and, the latter of which The New York Daily News reports as having a $5 million reserve price, meaning that bidders would have to hit at least that much to walk away with it., and other domains that didn't sell during the live auction can still be snatched up in the extended, online-only auction which runs through next Wednesday.

High-value domains sold at previous Moniker auctions include, which was snapped up for $1.75 million in May;, which sold for $1.4 million in April of 2009; and the $2.2 million sale of in 2007. Though these all pale in comparison to last month's announcement by online marketing company Quinstreet that it had bought the rights and attached business of for a whopping $36.5 million.

Moniker's next big auction takes place early next month in Munich where a number of domains for the Federal Republic of Germany will be sold off. The company then returns to the states a week later as part of the Epik Developers Conference in Seattle.

Update at 9:40 a.m. PDT on Friday: CNET talked to the new owners of, who also own According to Aaron White, who is the company's CTO, will become a place where users will be able to browse, search, and buy clothing. The company also recently picked up, which White says will be up and running soon.

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