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TSA finds loaded gun hidden under clay inside a computer

The latest gem from the TSA's Instagram account shows a flyer trying to smuggle a loaded firearm in a very bizarre manner.

This didn't fool the TSA.


An airplane passenger tried to pull a fast one on the US Transportation Security Administration and failed. The TSA posted an Instragram photo on Thursday showing an eye-searing mess of colorful modeling clay heaped over a duct-taped loaded 9mm gun inside of a computer.

"Upon first glance, you might think this is a kindergarten art project," writes the TSA with just a hint of snark.

The TSA sniffed out the gun from checked luggage at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. What's interesting is that the passenger didn't need to go to all that trouble to fly with a firearm. "Firearms are permitted in checked bags, but they have to be declared, unloaded and properly packed," the TSA notes.

For the record, sticking a loaded gun to a motherboard with duct tape and clay does not qualify as "properly packed."