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TSA lets Time Lords bring sonic screwdrivers on planes

A real screwdriver might get confiscated, but "Doctor Who" sonic screwdrivers are allowed in carry-on baggage for your next US flight.

If your Tardis is out of commission, you may need to catch a plane somewhere, like to Utah or New York City. (Just watch out for the Weeping Angels while you're there.) You can pack your extremely long scarf, your question-mark sweater vest and your bow tie, but can you take your handy, do-everything sonic screwdriver? According to the US Transportation Security Administration, the answer is yes, and it can even go in your carry-on bag.

A flier asked @AskTSA, an official TSA Twitter account, if a "Doctor Who" sonic screwdriver is welcome on board a plane. This is a legitimate concern since the TSA will confiscate any regular screwdriver over 7 inches (18 centimeters) in length. The question was submitted in July, but shared on the TSA's Instagram account just last week.

The @AskTSA Twitter account has fielded plenty of oddball questions about what can and can't be brought on a plane. For example, guitar effects pedals, 3.4 ounces or less of bike-chain lubricant, and steak bones are allowed in carry-on baggage. If you're planning to fly with a confetti canon, though, you better put it in your checked luggage.

For the record, feel free to travel with the mummified head of Jeremy Bentham, so long as it's properly packaged, labeled and declared.