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Don't try to smuggle a gun in a bicycle to get it past TSA

A would-be gun smuggler didn't fool the TSA despite going to great lengths to hide the weapon inside a bike.

The TSA has pretty much seen it all when it comes to creative ways travelers attempt to sneak weapons onto planes.

In 2016, the US Transportation Security Administration found a gun hidden under colorful clay inside a computer and also confiscated a 3D-printed revolver. Last week, the TSA posted its latest firearm find to Instagram: a disassembled handgun hidden inside a bicycle.

The post includes several photos of the bicycle on a conveyor belt with a TSA worker peeling back the tires to show where the gun bits and ammunition are tucked inside.

There are ways to legally carry firearms and ammunition in checked baggage, but the owner must meet packing requirements and declare the items at the ticket counter.

The TSA shared this piece of wisdom that eluded the would-be flier: "If you'd like to travel with your firearm in checked bags and not get arrested, we strongly advise not stuffing the disassembled parts and ammo in bicycle tires."