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Trying times for Wikipedia

Accuracy concerns spark debate over the role of an encyclopedia written by the online community.

Wikipedia's power to inform--and misinform--has put accuracy issues in the spotlight, and raised ethical and legal concerns.

Is Wikipedia safe from libel liability?

Online encyclopedia may have legal protection, regardless of how long an inaccurate article stays on the site.
December 7, 2005

How much do you trust Wikipedia?

News outlets, pundits and the public weigh in as cracks show in community-driven encyclopedia.
December 6, 2005

Growing pains for Wikipedia

After two scandals in one week, Wikipedia's founder decides to make a change to the anyone-can-contribute encyclopedia.
December 5, 2005

Perspective: Wikipedia and the nature of truth

Online encyclopedia's very strength sometimes turns out to be its Achilles' heel, says CNET's Charles Cooper.
December 2, 2005

previous coverage

Web tool puts new face on Wikipedia

Gollum, a free, open-source "browser," provides a streamlined interface for the popular online encyclopedia.
November 29, 2005

How wikis are changing our view of the world

special report An oddly named piece of software is fast becoming one of the most powerful tools for individuals, groups and companies to share information.
November 15, 2005

Wikimedia gets some Answers and Wikimedia to jointly develop tool with quick access to answers from Wikipedia.
October 21, 2005

Esquire wikis article on Wikipedia

Magazine writer puts online encyclopedia's collaborative, open-source ethos to the test.
September 29, 2005

Wikibooks takes on textbook industry

Project aims to create open-ended curriculum that would offer a free, licensable alternative to traditional textbooks.
September 28, 2005

Yahoo to support Wikipedia

Search results will feature shortcuts to the community-created encyclopedia. Company will also provide hardware and resources.
April 7, 2005